Vegetable salad

Weight Loss

Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight

Medicine has confirmed that weight gain majorly results from excess food eating and the cases where weight gain is caused by thyroid malfunction or hormonal imbalance are minimal. Perhaps this weight gain problem can be reduced if people learn and know the foods that help one to lose weight. All categories of food have elements which help lose weight, and they are healthy at the same time. Below are some foods that can help in the weight loss journey that you should try.

Leaf Vegetables.

Leaf vegetables are very nutritious and will give you a lot of fiber and nutrients that helps flush out your
Leaf Vegetables. digestive system. A clean digestive system is critical when it comes to natural ways to lose weight. Leaf vegetables have very minimal calories, which makes them excellent for combining with nuts and seeds and also avocados.

Simply mix some lemon juice, a mashed avocado, your desired leaf vegetables and a hint of sea salt to make an easy salad. If you love garlic and onions then, by all means, supplement them as well, as they are great foods to assist in improving your health.

Seeds And Nut.

Seeds And Nut.Seeds and nuts are another type of food that you may have been told only to eat in moderation, as they too hold high amounts of calories and fats. However, these are calories and fats that your body requires and will give you related benefits. And the significant thing about nuts is that they are not difficult to carry along with you so that you can snack on them when you feel the munchies coming on.

Nuts and seeds are also excellent when utilized as a topping for a leafy green salad. From a nutritional aspect, they are best when eaten raw. However, you can gently toast them in coconut oil to make out more flavors.


Sprouts are another excellent food to include in your diet if you are trying to lose the extra weight. They are very economical and one of the healthiest foods on the planet. The greatest part about sprouts is that you can plant them right in your kitchen in a sprouted, or in a container. You can grow just about any seed that has been achieved organically for the idea of sprouting. Once they have grown, you can mix them to your sandwiches, salads, wraps, and smoothies.

Try and include all these foods in your daily diet so that you can lose some extra weight.