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    How to exercise at the beach

    People usually go the beach in the summer, and we all know it is the season of posting and collecting pictures of our best summer body. If you struggle to achieve this the body goal that you want before the holiday or you feel like indulging in food during your stay, a great way to still look good is to exercise at the beach. Not just that it will shape your body, it will also make you healthy and keep you active even if you are on vacation.


    girl paddlingThis exercise is great for you who wants a chill exercise that doesn’t require many movements but will burn those fats and shape your muscles. You can do this while standing on the paddle board which will train your balance, or if you are new to the water sport, you can also sit or lay on the board.Next time you are going to the beach bring it and maybe ask your friends to join and see if they are interested in it as well. Who knows if this can work as a fun activity for your group of friends to do.


    girl surferIf you like a challenge, try surfing. It is not easy if you haven’t done it before and there are only two ways someone can feel about this sport, either you like it, or you don’t like it. But it is an excellent workout for those who enjoy the activity. Many beaches let you rent a surfboard if you don’t have one, and don’t forget to bring someone who knows what to do so you can do it correctly and safely.


    So you don’t want to get wet for your exercise, then there are plenty of cardio that you can do on the sand. From running, burpees, squats, jumping jack, you name it. Be aware that doing cardio on sand will be more tiring than if you are used to doing it at home. You may need to keep your shoes on for this one to avoid any wounds from rubbing your feet against the sand.


    yoga at the beachAnother way to workout without getting near the water is to do yoga. All you need is a yoga matt and yoga instructor if you don’t know what you are doing to do this exercise. A yoga instructor does not have to be a person that is there with you, an alternative is to use an app or watch a tutorial video.

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    4 Reasons Trainers Recommend Using Stationary Bikes

    Stationary bikes have existed since the start of the 18th century. These are a safe equipment for training as well as starting any physical activity from scratch. They are created to resemble a bike and are enabled to perform in a way whereby people can engage in physical activities without moving. Below are the four reasons trainers recommend using stationary or upright bikes. You can buy one for your home use or the gym.

    Why You Should Workout Using Stationary Bike

    Good for your heart Using Stationary Bike

    Irrespective of your requirements, the stationary bike, is the best option for your cardiovascular workout. This is because it enables low-impact joint movement. Additionally, it is best suited to people suffering from joint problems, pregnant women, and older adults. Compared to cross-trainer and treadmill and cross-trainer, the stationary bike is safer and has fewer contradictions.

    Good for physical rehabilitation

    People under rehabilitation and those starting a physical rehabilitation program from scratch can also use the stationary bike. Calorie expenditure is relatively low about other cardio machines however you benefit from total safety. In comparison to having a ride a ride on the street using your bike, which requires you to look out for dangers on the road the inertia effect of a stationary bike is much lower, therefore, you less susceptible to fatigue. For outdoor cyclists, this equipment will provide you with an excellent training alternative.


    The stationary bike comes in different styles which include upright, recumbent, and indoor cycling bikes for classes. This makes it excellent equipment that accommodates all sizes and shapes. Due to this versatility and style, this equipment creates less impact on your joint in comparison to other training equipment.

     Using Stationary BikeThere is minimal pounding, and your torso is well supported thereby placing proper emphasis on good posture. You do not have to worry about your spine health because it takes stress off your spine supporting the whole of your lower back and core. Its main focus is strengthening your buttocks and leg muscles.

    Good for athletes

    Excellent cross training using this bike helps improve your sports performance and conditioning. Some of these stationary bikes measure wattage, power output, cadence and other performance measures useful for athletes and the general population. Due to its nature of being low impact and user-friendly, this bike is an efficient way of getting you back into shape after having an injury. This option is often used in rehabilitation programs to overcome injuries and prevent injuries.

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    Five Muscles Skateboarding Works On

    One benefit that you get from skateboarding is developing stronger muscles. As a vigorous activity, skateboarding requires one to maintain a high level of coordination. This kind of coordination works on different muscles in the body. With more skateboarding tricks, which you can get from skateboarding videos, you get to work on more muscles in your body. Even skateboarding in one direction can guarantee you a good workout on muscles. Here are the leading muscles that skateboarding works on.

    The 5 muscles that you work on every time you skateboard

    Core musclesskateboard

    One of the most important sets of muscles that skateboarding works on are the core muscles. The core muscles are responsible for providing balance on unstable surfaces. This is critical when skateboarding since one needs to balance on unstable surfaces when riding a skateboard. The muscles that constitute the core muscles are the muscular structures of your hips, abdominal muscles, and the muscles around the spine. By working on the core muscles, skateboarding helps you become strong.


    Apart from the core muscles, you also work on a group of four muscles in front of your thighs. These muscles are collectively known as quadriceps and are responsible for extending a person’s knees while also flexing the hip joint. When skateboarding, one works on the quadriceps since there has to be an upward acceleration, which straightens the legs while also extending the knees.


    Hamstrings are a group of four muscles extending to the back of your knee from your glutes. When skateboarding, you must work on your hamstrings since you will need to flex your knees. When doing so, the hamstring is responsible for flexing the knee, which will eventually allow you to make calves to the back of your thigh.

    skateboardLower legs

    Skateboarding also helps you develop the muscles in your lower legs. For you to extend your knees, you will need to use the gastrocnemius muscles to help your quadriceps in the process of extending the knees. Another important muscle found in the lower legs worked on by skateboarding is the tibialis anterior muscles, which helps in controlling dorsal flexion.

    Gluteus maximus

    These muscles extend from the hips to hamstrings. They form part of the largest muscles in the body. As a stabilizing muscle, skateboarding works on this muscle when offering balance to the skateboarder. The major function of gluteus maximus is to provide balance when changing from a crouched position to an upright posture.