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Different Flavors Of The Vape Juice

Vape juices occur in different flavors that make vaping experience exceptional. It is possible to add additives and flavors in e-juices as the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol act as carriers of the flavor. The strength of the throat hit depends on the choice of the flavor chosen and its concentration. Therefore, using a blend of flavors or a single flavor of the e-juice in the e-cigarette can give one a sweet puff that is odorless and satisfying. There is a range of e-juice flavors that can be enjoyed across the board. These include;

Tobacco flavor

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Vaping a tobacco e-juice is very satisfying especially with varied nicotine concentrations. This gives non-smokers a great throat hit and is refreshingly good. Interestingly, there are many tobacco classic flavors that are mixed or offered in a singular flavor that meets the consumer’s particular need.

Dessert flavor

It is one of the conventional brands of e-juice flavors. The dessert flavor of the e-juice occurs in different flavors such as vanilla cupcake, cinnamon roll, French yogurt, Belgium waffle among others. This makes the e-juice puff very sweet and satisfying.

Fruit flavor

Different fruit flavors can be added to the e-juice to make it more enjoyable and sweet. The choice of the fruit flavor can be tried considerable as it consists of varying tastes inspired by different fruit tastes. The most common e-juice fruit flavors include; mango, strawberry, orange, pineapple, and apple among others. Interestingly, the fruit flavored can be offered as a blend of two or more mixes of fruit flavors that give a more resounding mouth taste, and a pleasant lasting throat hit.

Menthol flavor

A strong menthol flavor in an e-juice gives the user a tingling and mind freezing feeling. This is because the menthol flavor creates a peppermint feeling with a menthol blast. Interestingly, this gives the lungs a sweet sensation.

Beverage flavors

Imagine vaping your favorite drink. The e-juice vaping experience practically gives the user this wonderful and fulfilling experience. There is a range of vape juices collections that are available to the consumer and affordable too.

Sweet treats

There are edible sweeteners that can be added to the e-juice to make it sweeter. This gives the user a wonderfully satisfying feeling of deep relaxation. These sweet treats occur in tastes like roasted marshmallow, gummy bear among others.

Homemade flavors

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It is possible to customize one’s favorite flavor by giving it a personal homemade recipe. This involves having the right ingredients and knowledge on how to make a blend of one’s enjoyable homemade flavor. The MigVapor has different types of vape flavors.